The primary focus of my artistic energy is currently invested in making sculpture, film, and installation. Taking inspiration from subjects as varied as linguistics, anthropology, mythology, religion, phenomenology and the banality of everyday life, I reconsider the omnipresence of symbols and the way they produce meaning in contemporary society. Born and raised in mid-90s China, I am shocked by all the changes throughout the new millennium including the reformation of education, the accelerating development of technologies and the impact of the western culture that has largely shaped the consciousness of my generation. Having studied in the United State and Italy for more than three years now, I have become more sensitive towards the analogy between different cultures and social environments. Adhering to the concept that great works usually come from true experiences, feelings, imagination and the world that artists perceive by themselves, I treat every piece of the works as a portal connecting between the outside world and myself.

I am also working on the The China Space project.